Window of opportunity lost - PPP
Stabroek News
May 19, 2004

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The opposition's rejection of the President's Commission of Inquiry may be a lost window of opportunity, according to the ruling PPP.

"The party... is disappointed that a window of opportunity to have the matter resolved is being spurned by the main opposition party," a statement from the party said yesterday.

The PPP said it seems that judgement has been passed already and the minister has been found guilty, although no evidence has been presented to substantiate the allegations. "While it has chosen to carry out political agitation on the issue, the PNCR has refused to provide any evidence... neither have other parties provided any."

The chief concern of the PPP about the opposition's stance is its disregard of constitutional and legal means of handling issues. And in this regard, the withdrawal from parliament, the breakdown of the dialogue and the resulting effects on the work of the parliamentary committees was cited.

The President's move to set up the commission in accordance with the constitution signifies statesmanship, the party says, given the facts on hand and the clear political motivation behind the allegations against the minister.

The PPP also feels that despite efforts to cast doubts on the impartiality and competence of commission members, the panel will be able to execute its mandate with competence and a high degree of professionalism.