PNCR in alliance with gay nudists? Wednesday Ramblings

Stabroek News
May 19, 2004

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Good to see that Stabroek News is being read in such far-flung places as the Ozarks of Missouri. The mysterious leader of the mysterious sect Nasalam, Uriel Andros still seems intent on bringing his merry band of brothers to Guyana to set up some kind of kinky commune where they will walk around nude with a huge throbbing crystal. (See previous article "Breaking news: Gay nudists plan invasion of Guyana )

To each his own, we say, in the true spirit of anarchism.

And Mr Andros seems quite chuffed by all the publicity. But it appears the PPP/C administration might represent an obstacle to his vision of a South American utopia. As he writes on his Yahoo website last month:


In today's Guyana Chronicle President Bharrat Jagdeo was quoted as saying that Guyana is open to visitors, but there is a limit to what can be tolerated. He noted that often foreigners bring with them varying cultures and behaviour, and in some instances, this is not good for Guyanese.

Now, it's true that he went on to particularly address the issues of prostitution and trafficking in persons, which are of concern to people everywhere. But I wonder whether if Jagdeo is closed to new ideas the opposition PNC/R is open to them as a way of regaining power in the country.

Spring is here in the Ozarks and the orchard is covered with blossoms. I hope it is a good time for everyone.


A strange combination indeed, the PNCR and those Nasalamites who are a bunch of geriatric 1970s has-beens looking more and more absurd as the 21st century progresses. Hold on, that sounds just like the PNCR. These two may have a lot in common. After all 'Produce and - sorry OR - Perish' is part of the Nasalamite mantra except they use human compost as fertiliser.

In fact it is not much of a stretch to see the two groups holding hands and romping around in the buff in the Botanical Gardens. Naturally PNCR executive meetings would henceforth be convened by a babbling brook, where spiritual leader Robert Yogi Corbin would give sermons while sitting on a large rock.

Then they would have a game of nude cricket before eating a dinner of organic cook-up. Attending parliament and holding protests would of course be done completely in the nude except for the bibs. And members would hold religious services where they would attempt to levitate President Jagdeo out of office.

Meanwhile the Nasalamites also look the perfect fit for Mayor Green. We can just imagine him greeting leader Uriel Andros at Timehri and handing over the keys to the city in exchange for the throbbing crystal and a reciprocal (read free) visit to the Ozarks nudist colony where he could deliver another lecture on world peace, in the buff of course.

President to make big splash

Dr Roger Luncheon said yesterday that President Jagdeo will follow in the wake of the famous Chinese leader Mao T'Se Tung who swam across the Yangtse River in 1956 to show the people his continued stamina.

Luncheon told reporters, "I well remember when I was young - probably when I was only a Breakfast - hearing about the Chinese Premier's purported feat of endurance, in the context of heightening tensions in Sino/US relations."

President Jagdeo will make the swim at 8 am on Thursday across the expanse of the Lamaha St canal surrounded by a flotilla of cruise ships. The event will be televised live on all channels including Channel Nine by threat of closure.

A GDF helicopter will be on standby should he run into any difficulties during the arduous crossing which is expected to take three minutes depending on the strong currents and the suction action of the mud on the President's legs. During this time Prime Minister Sam Hinds will be sworn in as acting president for the 102nd time just in case of any difficulties.

"We expect everything to go swimmingly," forecast Luncheon noting that Jagdeo would be fully equipped with water wings. "Reports are he has been practising his breaststroke in the bathtub and was able to out-swim his rubber ducky."

But opposition leader Robert Corbin scoffed at the event calling it a publicity stunt to divert attention from the death squad scandal and noting that Jagdeo was way out of his depth.

It doesn't add up

This from a Guyana Chronic feature article on a male midwife...

"Brother Alonzo... has been at the institution (Georgetown Hospital) for more than 28 years... now 40, (he) joined nursing school at the age of 17."