Gibson 'inquisition' will hurt race relations -ACDA
Stabroek News
May 19, 2004

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The African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) has condemned the inquiry by the Ethnic Relations Commission into the book, The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana by Dr Kean Gibson.

An ACDA press statement says "given the sensitivity of this issue we believe that if this inquisition is not handled properly it will worsen ethnic relations instead of improving" them.

"[ACDA] regret[s] the decision of the Ethnic Relations Commission to make their first public act the present 'hearing,'" which it describes as "the public lynching of an African Guyanese woman".

The release said ACDA had written and circulated to the ERC Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill and the other commissioners a paper with its suggestions for policies to assist in the achievement of racial equality but that the ERC had never acknowledged its statement.

"It is our view that our suggested approach would contribute to the improvement of race relations, instead what we have going on is the widening of the deep chasm between the two racial groups by this 'hearing,'" ACDA declared.

The statement also issued a call to all African Guyanese to reject the process and expressed the view that Dr Gibson should refrain from participating in it.

ACDA further reiterated that the present approach of the ERC in "listen[ing] to a complaint here about racial discrimination or a complaint there about racial incitement is mere window dressing."