UN should handle Gajraj probe
- National Front Alliance
Stabroek News
May 18, 2004

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The National Front Alliance (NFA) says the objective of an independent inquiry into the alleged involvement of the Minister of Home Affairs in unlawful killings will be best realized if the mandate is assigned to the United Nations as proposed by the parliamentary opposition.

Leader of the NFA, Keith Scott in a press release last Friday, said that while his party welcomes the "first positive move" towards the establishment of an inquiry commission, "we feel it is incumbent on the president to ensure a complete severing of the links between the minister and his office at this time, so as to defuse any lingering fear of interference."

In view of the broad remit of the proposed inquiry, Scott said, it will be necessary to ensure that vested interests are not represented in the composition of the panel, or in the determination of its terms of reference.

This he contended applies particularly to political parities/agencies which have been allegedly implicated in the atrocities relating to the 'death squad' issue, and the criminal rampage which engulfed communities across the nation, especially on the East Coast Demerara.