School of the Nations offers teaching diploma
Stabroek News
May 15, 2004

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School of the Nations is now offering a one-year Inter-national Diploma for teachers and trainers starting September 2004.

The one-year, part-time course is intended for individuals who are teachers at whatever level and for those who are trainers in business organisations and companies.

A press release from Nations University says the diploma is based on five modules, including designing; planning and preparation; practice: teaching and learning in practice; assessment: assessing progress and achievement; evaluation: improving teaching and learning and moral education.

Each of the major modules is designed to take 60 hours and candidates can work at their own pace, appropriate to their needs.

The method of evaluation is by assignments rather than a final exam. The assignment will be submitted to Cambridge for external assessment.

Director Dr Brian O Toole notes that the school is the registered centre in Guyana to offer courses from Cambridge University (UK) and this means diplomas are recognised throughout the world.

The teaching will be at Nations University, 120 Parade St and will be for six hours per week at night and three one-week workshops during the Christmas Easter and summer holidays.

For more information call 226-5781.