PNCR meets with Top Cop
Stabroek News
May 14, 2004

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The high incidence of crime, the unlawful operation of some community policing groups, the issuance of firearms and the high number of illegal firearms in the country, were among concerns the PNCR recently raised with Police Commissioner, Winston Felix.

The party said in a statement at its weekly press briefing yesterday that the first official meeting of the party leader, Robert Corbin and senior members of the party with Felix happened earlier this week. Other concerns expressed were the involvement of Presidential Guards in unlawful acts, the brutal methods of interrogation still being carried on by some policemen and the high incidence of fatal accidents and the lawlessness in the use of the country's roads.

Reiterating its support for the Guyana Police Force, the PNCR said that it made several suggestions including the need for the strengthening of information gathering techniques; the need to acquire appropriate crowd control equipment and the need to revisit the ticketing system.

The PNCR said it was assured that the police force was determined to bring the crime situation under control and the commissioner committed himself to examine, and where necessary follow up, all concerns raised by the PNCR.