Vivian Harris reports came 'via satellite' on WRHM-Capitol News

Stabroek News
May 13, 2004

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Capitol News-WRHM broke new ground last month when it brought Enrico Woolford's news reports on the Vivian Harris Welterweight championship fight in Berlin via satellite from New York to the Providence transmitter site of WRHM.

A press release from EMW Communications said the reports on the fight were brought from Berlin to New York and edited at Memory Makers Studio in Newark, New Jersey. And WRHM-Capitol News used the facilities of the Associated Press Television News to transmit the reports via AP's fibre optic cable from New York to the Washington Bureau of AP, then uplinked them via satellite on Panamsat 9 to WHRM at Providence, East Bank Demerara for placement in the nightly newscast.

According to the release, this is the first time that a local reporter has used fibre optic technology and a satellite to send a television news report from outside the Caribbean region for a newscast in Guyana. The normal practice is for the report to be sent via courier, or by a passenger on an airline or it is called into the studio on the telephone.