Teacher who stabbed principal wanted salary
Stabroek News
May 12, 2004

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The teacher who stabbed the principal of the Linden Technical Institute on Monday was said to be furious over not getting paid.

Police sources yesterday confirmed that they are investigating the incident and according to sources, statements have been taken from the parties involved.

One reliable source says that the version reported to the police related that the teacher attacked Principal Michael Turner after he refused to give him his cheque for the last month.

According to information at the time the teacher was armed with an object and he and the head teacher were involved in a scuffle. A female member of staff picked up a piece of iron and hit the teacher on the head. All three were taken to the station where they gave statements and both the teacher and the principal were sent to the hospital for medical treatment. A report will be made and sent for advice in the matter.

Meanwhile, according to other reports, the teacher went into the principal's office demanding that he be given his salary. The assailant reportedly armed himself with a piece of metal and locked the principal's room and demanded to be paid. A fight ensued and by the time others in the building could have broken down the door both men were injured.

Sources said that after the teacher's salary was held up he had approached the Ministry of Education and other authorities on the matter but to no avail.

It was also reported that the same morning he had confronted the principal's wife and told her to prepare to bury her husband if he did not give him his pay cheque. The woman told her husband and he immediately consulted his lawyer who in turn advised that the police be notified of the threat. But police were already on their way to the school after receiving reports of the fracas.

The incident resulted in the closure of the Technical Institute on Monday, but yesterday students and teachers were back in their classrooms.