Bandits spurn $1000 offer
Stabroek News
May 9, 2004

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Two masked bandits robbed a family of six in their East Ruimveldt apartment building early yesterday morning but turned their noses up at a $1,000 bill offered by one of the victims.

According to reports from the family, shortly after 4 am the masked bandits removed the louvre windows and bars from the living room of the apartment at 504 Front Circle and entered the premises.

While one of them went into the room of Samantha Grant who was asleep with her husband, the other remained in another part of the house. Grant said she saw someone standing at the door but thought she was dreaming. The woman related that the man came in pointing a gun at her at the same time telling her, "shut up, don't make no noise."

Her attempts to wake her husband failed while the man told her not to wake him and asked for money and jewellery.

The man then proceeded to ransack the wardrobe and not finding anything he demanded she show him her purse.

Her husband, who was awake by then, said he would get it but the bandit told him to lie down and be still.

Grant pointed out the purse and he grabbed her ID card, bankcard, $4,000 and US$100. In addition to this the bandits also got approximately $100,000 worth of jewellery from the home.

The bandit then asked if that was all. She told him that was it but then called over to her sister saying, "Pinky, you got any more money to give them?" Her sister, Desiree Grant, who was in another room with her baby Towana, her niece Melisa Grant and her grandmother, told her she had $1,000. But the bandits refused to accept the $1,000 saying that "can't do anything" for them.

Shortly after the 15-minute ordeal they called the police who came about an hour later and took statements.