Holder-Alleyne predicts revival of Linden's economy
Stabroek News
May 4, 2004

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Continuous employment and the comfort that the bauxite industry provided is no longer there. However all is not lost, Linden with all its potential will resurrect itself.

Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Alleyne said this in her feature address at Town Hall, Mackenzie during the 34th Anniversary celebrations of the Town of Linden on Sunday, according to a Government Information Agency press release. Linden celebrated its 34th anniversary as a township under the theme, 'Joys of a New Dawn'.

The Chief Magistrate noted that Lindeners have not given up hope and the will for there to be a revival of the economic fortunes of the town exists. She also stated that the theme of the celebrations speaks to a promise of new beginnings, new ventures and undertakings and resounding successes.

Prime Minister Sam Hinds who has made contributions to Linden and the bauxite industry in the past noted that rebuilding the town is vital. He noted that government supported complementary programmes such as the Linden Economic Advance-ment Programme (LEAP), which are geared toward the development of the human resource capacity of the town.

The Prime Minister also extended best wishes to citizens of the town on behalf of President Jagdeo and members of Cabinet.

Chairman of the Interim Management Committee of Linden, Orin Gordon cautioned patrons at the town day to celebrate in moderation and to use the event as a time to reflect on where the town came from and where it was going.

GINA stated that recently the Linden Foundation Secondary School was constructed with state-of-the-art facilities and plans for a new hospital in Mackenzie are also in place.

Giving background highlights on Linden GINA recalled that a Scottish engineer who created private dwelling settlements first settled Linden.

By 1894 the Government took over the area and established village settlements, Wismar, Christianburg and McKenzie.

Bauxite mining started in 1916 with the establishment of the Demerara Bauxite Company.

By 1964 the Linden/ Soesdyke highway was opened while the three village settlements were renamed Linden in 1970.

The anniversary celebrations organized by the Linden Town Day Committee were celebrated from Friday to Monday. Some of the organizations that took part in the annual Linden Town Day activities were Cel*Star Guyana Ltd, Banks DIH Ltd, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd, NP Fried Chicken, Linden Technical Institute, LEAP, Mackenzie Hospital and several art and craft stalls.