Rap to spread garbage message
Stabroek News
May 3, 2004

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Lodge residents and Regent Street businesses will soon be learning about solid waste management through rap music as part of a $29.8M public awareness campaign directed by Guyenterprise Advertising Agency.

According to Vic Insanally, Managing Director of Guyenterprise, the campaign will involve young people being encouraged to write songs and produce skits with the theme being solid waste management. He added that minibuses will be taken on board to spread the word.

The project's strategy is geared towards educating the public to learn simple, effective and healthy ways of disposing of waste products with the ultimate aim of reducing the amount of waste generated.

The Inter-American Deve-lopment Bank (IDB) is funding the project with US$149,000 ($29.8M). This money is to cover over 100 activities in the areas of research, advertisements, community consultations, events and participation, the production of educational films, books and other materials and staffing and administration for one year. The project is being executed with the guidance of the Solid Waste Management Unit of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC).

Around 117 tonnes of mixed garbage is generated on a daily basis by the city. The advertising agency would be going door to door, to schools and the media to educate citizens to alter their lifestyles.