PNCR wants nothing to do with holiday report
Stabroek News
May 2, 2004

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The PNCR has accused the PPP/C of ensuring that they did not participate in the deliberations pertaining to the determination of the two new holidays since they insisted that Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj remain on the Parliamentary Committee.

The party had vowed not to take part in any official sittings where the minister is present following allegations that he was implicated in a death squad. At the party's weekly press conference on Thursday, it said the PPP/C "faced with the complexity of the issues before it and the myriad interests has taken a short cut."

Parliament has since declared May 5 (Arrival Day) and May 26 (Independence Day) as national holidays.

As a result the party said that it has disassociated itself with the report submitted to parliament. Attorney-at-law Basil Williams said that the committee has recommended some holidays while refusing to take a holistic look at the issues. "The recommendations are completely devoid of an understanding of `a people' and their culture. Christmas, for example, has long been accepted as the premiere festive season of the Guyanese people. To propose the removal of Boxing Day and at the same time to eliminate this holiday even if Christmas falls on a Sunday is to destroy the season altogether," Williams said.

The PNCR says it does not take issue with the creation of a public holiday in recognition of the Indo-Guyanese contribution to Guyana.