Arthur Chung to also receive pension
Stabroek News
May 1, 2004

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Former titular President Arthur Chung is catered for under the new Presidents Pensions Bill, passed on Thursday in the National Assembly, entitling him to receive seven eighths of the incumbent President's salary as pension.

So stated Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Manzoor Nadir yesterday. The bill grants upon its enactment benefits to all former presidents, their widows and their entitled children. It also provides for the President to receive a pension of seven eighths of the annual salary of the President in office "and shall continue as seven eighths of such annual salary of each of his successors." Chung was Guyana's non-executive president from 1970 to 1980.

Nadir, in explaining the effects of the new legislation, told Stabroek News that Mrs Janet Jagan will get a pension in her capacity as former President but not as widow of former President Cheddi Jagan since "you can't get two pensions from the Treasury." Nadir presented the bill in Parliament in the absence of Minister of Finance, Saisnarine Kowlessar.

He added that Joyce Hoyte, widow of former President Desmond Hoyte, would receive half of the salary paid to the current president.

Up to last night, Minister Nadir was checking on the eligibility of the children and the late widow of the late Forbes Burnham - whether or not they get to receive benefits by virtue of the legislation.

Nadir also said that he was not sure if Prime Minister Sam Hinds is entitled to a pension while he is in active employment.

Hinds succeeded Dr Cheddi Jagan as President of Guyana on the latter's death in March 1997, and served until the elections.