Workers must demand labour leaders serve their interests
Stabroek News
May 1, 2004

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The National Front Alliance (NFA) is calling on workers to demand that labour leaders unite the movement around a genuine trade union agenda, or install leadership that would effectively serve the interest of workers.

According to a May Day message from the party's leader, Keith Scott, the trade union movement had become more fragmented than ever before, and the division among unions had brought the Trades Union Congress to the brink of irrelevance, if not extinction, making members powerless to resist the powers that be.

Scott declared that workers who have made sacrifices in the hope of achieving solidarity within their movement, and have struggled for better conditions, now watch in helpless frustration as they see the gradual decline of the militancy of their unions and the progressive impotence of their leaders, "whose only agenda is to serve the political directorate rather than giving genuine service to their membership."