Miami lab finds traces of drugs in 'Kerzorkee' samples
-but cause of death still unanswered

Stabroek News
April 21, 2004

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After conducting tests on 12 samples from the body of suspected death-squad member and murder accused, Mark Thomas called `Kerzorkee', officials from the Dade County Medical Examiner's Department in Miami, USA have not been able to ascertain what caused the man's death.

However, this newspaper has been informed that poison was not ruled out, since, according to sources, traces of certain drugs were found in the samples.

The sources disclosed that the question that needs to be answered is whether the amount of the drugs found in his body could have caused death. It is possible that clarifications on the test would have to be sought.

Several efforts by this newspaper to ascertain the results proved futile. The police are mum on the subject and neither of the two doctors who were involved in the post-mortem examination on the man's body some months ago could be contacted for a comment. It is also not clear whether the doctors were contacted in relation to the results.

Thomas' body samples were sent to the lab over two months ago after local doctors failed to determine what the man had died from, fuelling speculation that he could have been murdered by poison or some other method.

Stabroek News contacted Commissioner of Police Winston Felix and while he confirmed that he had received the results he told this newspaper: "I have received the results but I would not be speaking on it period." He said the results were scientific and he did not think he had the right to comment on them.

Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh had performed an autopsy on the body of Thomas on February 4 but it was inconclusive.

Neither he nor Dr Edward Simon, who witnessed the post-mortem, could come up with a cause of death. Samples were then taken from 12 parts of the man's body, sealed and handed over to the police to be shipped to the US for testing.

Thomas died on February 1 at the Georgetown Public Hospital where he had been a patient since January 16, after he collapsed at the Brickdam Police Station on being told he was charged with the January 5 murder of cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus.

He was charged along with Ashton King, owner of the A&D Funeral Home and Shawn Hinds who are both in prison awaiting the commencement of the preliminary inquiry.