Missing brothers not seen since white car visit last year
Stabroek News
April 19, 2004

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There are still no clues to the whereabouts of a man who was abducted almost five months ago, or his brother who went missing the same night.

Krishna Lakeram was taken by three men who bundled him into a car and then drove away one night last November; the same night when his brother Orlando Persaud disappeared.

Police have so far still been unable to uncover any clues about the disappearances, which were initially believed to have been linked to the theft of a boat engine.

On the day before Lakeram was last seen by his family, three men in a white car with licence plate PFF 2888, showed up at his Friendship, East Bank Demerara home looking for him.

The men claimed that they were looking for Lakeram in connection with the theft of the engine and other articles from a boat in the area. The men reportedly said they wanted the labourer/farmer for questioning and promised to return the very night when told that he was not around. They didn't return until the following night.

Sumintra Persaud remembers the November 11 night when her son was taken from outside his house. They were both watching television when someone called for him.

He went out to the roadway where there were two men standing near the parked white car, a driver at the wheel. The two men pushed him into the back seat and then left.

Later that night, people who were travelling in the same car went into Kitty, where Persaud would stay with his grandmother when he wasn't working in the interior zones.

The men in the white car asked for Persaud but they did not find him. He has not been seen since that night.

There were never any demands for a ransom or any word from the abductors who could not be traced because they used false number plates.

The abduction is similar to others that occurred during that period, which have been credited to the work-for-hire killings of the death squad.

George Bacchus confessed to having been an ex-informant for the gang which he said was responsible for numerous unsolved abductions/murders.

Lakeram's father, Lakeram Rambarose does not think that his sons have fallen victim to the group, although he admits there is still no explanation for their disappearance.

He and his wife continue to hope for answers every day, although they are no closer now than they were five months ago.

"Everyday we watchin' de news to see if dey find anybody dead any whey. Me does go and check to see..." Rambarose said.