Shafeek Bacchus murder PI put off
-accused's relatives scuffle with police
Stabroek News
April 16, 2004

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The preliminary inquiry into the death of cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus, brother of self-professed death squad informant, George Bacchus, was deferred on Wednesday due to the absence of the prosecution.

Three weeks after the matter fell into the hands of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), prosecutor Kim Kyte has taken up an appointment in the magistracy.

Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen adjourned the hearing to today after learning of the development.

State counsel Kyte and Simone Morris had appeared in the capacity of prosecutors when the matter came up on March 24. Then, the two were prepared to proceed with the case.

But defence counsel Compton Richardson had requested a deferral due to a commitment in the High Court.

The scene in the courtyard on Wednesday remained the same as supporters of defendants Ashton King and Shawn Hinds gathered to offer words of encouragement and call for their release.

The group later clashed with police when they were ordered to clear a passageway in the courtyard.

After the passage was clear the prisoners emerged and supporters lost control. One woman grabbed King and refused to release him until police intervened.

King and Hinds were charged on January 16 along with Mark Thomas, who later died in hospital, for murdering Bacchus on January 5 as he sat outside his Princes Street home.