UK SWAT team experts begin assessments for training
Stabroek News
April 7, 2004

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UK SWAT team training experts on Monday paid a courtesy call on Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj at his ministry.

The experts are in the country to train a local SWAT team and have brought a range of weapons for the training.

After the visit the minister told the Government Information Agency (GINA) the experts would assess training needs, plan and execute a training programme. A release from GINA said the minister said that in the first instance training will be for a two-week period, but as it progresses, assessments will be made and the timing adjusted as necessary. The experts will also assess facilities that would be used and the range of weapons at the disposal of the force.

According to the release, the minister said training did not only involve weapons but other areas that will better equip members of the team to successfully and efficiently carry out exercises that are transparent and can withstand scrutiny.

The minister also told GINA that the training programme is expected to begin in a month's time and in the meantime the candidates identified will be brought to a certain level so as to facilitate the training taking place without delay. The SWAT team had been promised by the government during the middle of 2002.