Common Entrance Political Science Paper 1 (45 minutes) Wednesday Ramblings

Stabroek News
April 7, 2004

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Today, schoolchildren across the country will be sitting down to take their Common Entrance examination. We wish them luck.

Among their papers this morning will be a multiple choice test on a new subject, Political Science. The WR investigative unit has managed to get a sneak peak of the paper and for all you smart kids who read the Stabroek News, award yourself ten out of ten.

Question 1

1) Minister of Public Works Anthony Xavier has been ultimately responsible for the following:

A) A wharf that floated away

B) A bridge that sunk

C) A road that subsided

D) A multi-million dollar stone scam that occurred within his ministry

E) All of the above

2) The supporters of "The Law and Order" PNCR have done the following activities in the last six years:

A) Stormed the Office of the President

B) Set the Robb St Fire

C) Regularly looted shops on Regent St

D) Killed a guard at the NTN TV station

E) All of the above and more

3) Ravi Dev did not join the Rule of Law March because

A) He stubbed his toe the day before

B) He did not have bus fare to get to Georgetown

C) He had an urgent overseas conference

D) He would have lost all his supporters

4) Who spent more time out of the country last year?

A) Hamilton Green

B) President Jagdeo

C) Clement Rohee

D) Ramnaresh Sarwan

5) Minister Gajraj has done the following

A) Admitted knowing an aide to the death squad

B) Spoken regularly to a murderer

C) Approved a gun upgrade for a murderer

D) All of the above

6) PNCR leader Robert Corbin withdrew from the constructive dialogue because

A The government's 'eyes pass he'

B The snacks were not up to snuff

C) Lance Carberry was getting too high

D) He wants an excuse to play rough

7) Dr Roger Luncheon speaks one of these languages:

A) Esperanto

B) Cutchi-Swahili

C) Macushi

D) All of these mixed together, very badly

8) What did Minister Jeffrey say the moment he heard last year's CXC results?

A) "We must try harder!"

B) "A bunch of dunces!"

C) "M&*&$#! F%$#@*&"

D) "I should have stayed with the PNC"

9) Droughts are caused by

A) Lack of rain

B) Poor water management

C) Evaporation

D) Minister Kowlessar's budget speech

10) The "adventurous" Freddie Kissoon has done the following feats

A) Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without oxygen

B) Surfed monster waves off the coast of Hawaii

C) Broken the land speed record

D) Been a lecturer at UG for most of his life.

A Wednesday Ramblings exclusive

Ok, so if that unmentionable rag of a newspaper can put dead/decapitated bodies on its front page, we can put a picture of the "runny" wedding cake that led to the beating of a bride.

The police now have the cake in custody and it is set to testify in the trial.

Edict of the Week

The next person to write about corporal punishment is going to get a good beating without the PNCR?