McDonald not told why visa revoked
- Jagdeo
Stabroek News
April 4, 2004

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Ex-police commissioner Floyd McDonald has not been told why his visa was revoked by the US government.

President Bharrat Jagdeo speaking with reporters on Friday said he personally asked McDonald the reason for the revocation but the embattled ex-commissioner was none the wiser.

"He said he was... quoted some section that said... they can't tell him why," Jagdeo said.

It is widely believed that the revocation of McDonald's visa is connected to the deathsquad allegations in which he and Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj, among others, are implicated.

The US Embassy has taken action against Gajraj, as have the Canadian authorities, in the wake of the allegations.

President Jagdeo was wary of questions linking the two, but he did lament United States' insistence that it was a private matter between the applicant and the embassy. He noted that a similar situation existed with the Canadian High Commission.

"When Gajraj's visa was revoked by the Canadians they said they couldn't reveal why, unless the minister gives the approval. He did but until now we don't have any revelation," the President said.

He also added that despite the revocations, the government still had good working relationships with the foreign donors.