'Six races' wrong approach for children
Stabroek News
April 4, 2004

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The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) says children should no longer be taught about Guyana's six races, but instead learn of Guyana's one race - the human race.

This was one of a number of themes that emerged from a meeting of the commission on March 23.

This meeting involved organisations, government ministries and individuals to brainstorm ideas for promoting peace education in Guyana as a medium to long-term strategy and the easing of tensions as an immediate activity.

The ERC is encouraged by the positive response, commitment and creativity that the contributors showed.

The ERC said while the consultations are ongoing, it wished to inform of the emerging themes. It said there is the need for space where Guyanese can talk about the hurts of the past with a view to letting go. Further, it found that everyone in the country is fearful and that everyone is affected by what is happening. "The perception that one racial group is the victim and the other group is the perpetrator needs careful examination and correction," the ERC said.

As a result of the consultations, the ERC found that there was a need to affirm and recognise the contributions of all different sectors of society had made in Guyana, and the need to arrest blame, marginalisation and exclusion at all levels.