Lusignan residents burn bandits' bridge
Stabroek News
April 3, 2004

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Residents of Lusignan railway embankment have burnt a bridge used by the bandits who robbed Zarina Singh last month.

Stabroek News observed that the middle of the bridge was ripped open while at one end the boards were burnt. Stabroek News was told that since the attack on Singh, police have been patrolling the area regularly and as such there has been a reduction in the attacks.

The situation is the same in the other villages besieged by bandits who have recently regrouped.

A police roadblock was thrown up on Thursday evening on the Beterverwagting railway embankment. There have also been several searches and patrols in villages that are less frequently affected by bandits.

Stabroek News was recently told that most of the gang who robbed Singh are residents of Annandale South. They escaped over the bridge into nearby cane fields after robbing and terrorising Singh and her family.