SSEE top 5 students
Kaieteur News
June 30, 2004

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Profiles of the top SSEE pupils

The Secondary Schools Entrance Examinations (SSEE) results are out and should be accessed by schools today. According to Education Minister Dr Henry Jeffrey, this year’s results are better than last year’s.

Kia Persaud, of West Ruimveldt Primary topped the country with a score of 558.

She secured 140 in Mathematics, 147 in English Language, 141 in Social Studies and 135 in Science.

West Ruimveldt produced four students in the top ten this year.

This year a total of 17,000 students wrote the examinations, some 2,000 more than last year.

And this year, too, a large number of out of town schools recorded passes to the top secondary schools, a factor that Minister Jeffrey lauded.

“It is important that schools out of Georgetown are doing well,” he noted.

One hundred and twenty five students from schools outside Georgetown are eligible for entry into President’s College.

In Georgetown, the Bel Air, North Georgetown, Stella Maris, Comenius, Sacred Hearts, Mae’s, ABC Academy and St Margaret’s Primary are among the 15 schools that recorded students in the top 100.

Minister Jeffrey noted, “Generally, I would say that the system has performed. We have broadened the base of the exams and now we are doing levels 2, 4 and 6 exams. Parents are taking much more interest in their children at an early age.”

The Minister emphasised the need to increase the use of education institutions to accommodate and provide students with a secondary education.

Kia Persaud – West Ruimveldt Primary - 558

This year’s SSEE top student, Kia Persaud, is still in shock at having achieved the top marks in the examinations this year.

And though the quiet natured 11-year-old is no stranger to high academic achievements, she is having some trouble coming to grips with the fact that she coveted the top position from approximately 16,999 other children.

And for her parents, Dr Navendra and Mala Hardeen – Persaud, it is a dream come true since this was something that they always hoped would happen.

“We knew she had the potential to top the country, because she has always done exceptionally well throughout her school career and she was also a dedicated and committed child to her books. But this ….is overwhelming,” her mom said.

Kia, who simply loves to read, accredits her remarkable achievement to her class teachers at the West Ruimveldt School, Wilfred Success and Africo Selman.

Her parents, whom she says has been a source of inspiration and most of all to Jesus Christ to whom she fervently prays.

Come September, Kia who wants to become writer of mystery novels will be off to Queen’s College.

But for the holidays, she may be off to the United States or enjoying a shopping spree, which is what she has requested of her parents as a reward for her remarkable achievement