George Bacchus killing
Cops hunt ‘trigger man’
Jean Bacchus re-arrested
Kaieteur News
June 30, 2004

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Detectives were last night trying to track down a suspect who is now being considered as the triggerman in the execution of informant, George Bacchus.

This development came about as investigations into Bacchus’s sensational murder entered its fifth day.

This newspaper understands that detectives badly want to question the suspect, whom they were told is a key player in Bacchus’s murder.

Investigators appear to be focusing even more on the theory that a group of Bacchus’s close associates, who knew his movements well, planned and carried out his execution.

On Monday night, they again pulled in Bacchus’s sister-in-law for questioning. The woman, as well as Bacchus’s nephew, and at least two other men are also in custody.

One of them, a Princes Street resident, turned himself in to investigators on Monday. The man reportedly told police that he had entered Bacchus’s room shortly after the informant was killed and that he saw a handgun on Bacchus’s bed.

However, police sources yesterday refuted a report in another newspaper, which stated that the four police ranks, who were grilled extensively about Bacchus’s murder, were still under close arrest.

Detectives have received information that Bacchus was involved in several recent disputes with occupants of the Princes Street property.

It is suspected that the informant, who came to prominence in January, was in a drugged state at the time of his death. There are reports that Bacchus occasionally injected himself with an unknown substance and also took medication to enable him to sleep.

However, this newspaper understands that no needle marks were found after Bacchus’s body was re-examined.

Relatives indicated yesterday that Bacchus is likely to be buried on Thursday. However, that depends on the completion of the casket requested by the family.