Cops seek Princes Street resident
Kaieteur News
June 28, 2004

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Detectives were yesterday still trying to track down a Princes Street resident whom they believe is a key player in the execution-style killing of self-confessed informant, George Bacchus.

Police are of the view that the man may be able to lead them to the .38 firearm that was used in Bacchus’s murder.

Detectives trying to crack the case have received information that the resident, who was known to Bacchus, was given the firearm to hide after the execution occurred.

On Saturday, detectives dug up a section of the Bacchus Princes Street property in search of the firearm.

This was reportedly done after a youth, who has been in custody since the probe began, alleged that he had found the firearm in Bacchus’s bed after the man was shot. He reportedly told the police that he buried it in the yard.

The youth is considered a prime suspect and was still in custody yesterday.

Yesterday, police officials refuted reports that the firearm that was used to kill Bacchus had been recovered.

However, an official said that police are likely to release a statement to the media concerning the work detectives have done on the case, so far.

Kaieteur News was also told that Bacchus’s sister-in-law, who was taken into custody on Saturday, was released yesterday to attend the funeral, which is expected to take place today.

However, she is likely to be questioned further. Police said that all the other people who were detained are still in custody.

This newspaper was told that a woman, who was grilled extensively by police, alleged that Bacchus usually kept a handgun at the head of his bed.

According to a source, the woman said that she was able to see Bacchus’s body in his bedroom. She alleged that one of the informant’s hands was near the area on the bed where he usually kept his firearm. Detectives have received information that Bacchus was involved in several recent disputes with occupants of the Princes Street property.

One of the reports is that Bacchus and a male occupant of the house were involved in a heated argument a few days before he was killed.

Bacchus had reportedly ordered the occupant out of the house within three days, while the man had reportedly given Bacchus one day to leave the house.

Bacchus’s nephew, two former occupants of the property, the son of Member of Parliament Shirley Edwards and five police ranks are still in custody.