Bacchus killing
More people arrested as investigations continue
Kaieteur News
June 26, 2004

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Several civilians and at least four policemen remained in custody yesterday, as detectives intensified their investigations into the murder of informant, George Bacchus.

Police said that some of the police ranks were questioned about reports that they had questioned Bacchus’s nephew, Derrick Prince, about his uncle’s whereabouts a few nights before he was slain.

Kaieteur News understands that the ranks denied questioning the nephew about Bacchus’s movements.

Police also confirmed that a Hill Street, Lodge, businessman, who twice escaped execution at the hands of members of the ‘killing squad’, is one of the people who were detained.

The businessman’s wife told Kaieteur News that police conducted a search at the home on Thursday before detaining her husband.

The upset businesswoman said that no attempt was made to arrest the men who had tried to kill her husband, although the attackers were identified to the police.

Other associates of Bacchus, including his nephew, also remained in custody.

On Thursday, detectives took swabs from the hands of the nephew and three other associates of Bacchus to test for the presence of gunpowder residue. Police said, yesterday, that they were awaiting the test results.

Police, who appear to be leaving no stone unturned, yesterday, questioned the wife of A&D Funeral Home manager, Ashton King. However, she was not detained.

A woman, who lives at the Bacchus property, was also grilled about her whereabouts at the time Bacchus was executed. Sources said she was able to confirm her whereabouts.

Bacchus, 50, called ‘Bombaley’, was gunned down while sleeping in a bedroom in the second flat of his brother’s Lot 76 Princes Street, Lodge property.

George Bacchus was shot under the left eye, under the right armpit, in the right shoulder and right leg.

An autopsy, which was performed yesterday, revealed that Bacchus died from a gunshot to the head.

A bullet was extracted from Bacchus’s skull during the autopsy, while another bullet was retrieved from his room on Thursday.

Detectives, who had visited the scene, said that there appeared to be no sign of forced entry to the property.

Other occupants said that none of the seven dogs that the family kept barked to indicate that an intruder was present.

Sources say that the front door to the second flat where Bacchus had lived was reportedly also open, as well as a bedroom window by the stairs.

Bacchus’s nephew and other occupants said that they did not see anyone fleeing the scene or hear any vehicle moving off.