Reeaz Khan/teen saga
Teen to spend two more weeks at NOC
Kaieteur News
June 26, 2004

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The 13-year-old embroiled in the controversial relationship with city businessman Reeaz Khan will spend a further two weeks at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in Essequibo.

This decision was arrived at yesterday when the matter continued before Justice B.S Roy.

The case which was conducted in Chambers saw representation from the Human Services Ministry, the police department, the girl’s family members and the lawyers representing the interests of the teen’s mother.

The girl was absent from yesterday’s proceedings.

Kaieteur News understands that for the next two weeks, the girl will continue to be under the protective custody of the NOC.

Counselor Lisa Thompson will also continue to provide counselling to the young lady.

The matter continues on July 12.

Two weeks ago, trial judge B.S Roy who is currently presiding over habeas corpus proceedings in the matter, ordered that the girl be sent to the penal facility for protective custody.

This decision had its genesis in a habeas corpus writ which was filed by the teen’s mother, Bibi Shameeza Hamid in May.

The document sought to prevent Khan and Human Services Minister Bibi Shadick from communicating with her daughter.

Attorney General Doodnauth Singh subsequently filed a constitutional motion in the high court seeking declarations of the unconstitutionality of the judge’s order to send the teen to the NOC and contravention of the child’s rights.

But Justice Yonette Cummings–Edwards dismissed the AG’s motion last Monday after hearing arguments by the Attorney General and counsel for the teen’s mother, Nigel Hughes, on the basis that the AG had no locus standi in the original matter and his action was ‘misconceived’.

Khan, who has filed a petition seeking to marry the girl, is facing contempt of court charges for allegedly flouting Justice Roy’s order to stay away from the teen.

The family has also filed private abduction charges against Khan.