Bacchus’s revelation of hit list is means to stall PI-Puran
Kaieteur News
June 24, 2004

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The move by the Chief Magistrate to recuse herself from the Bacchus PI has put an indefinite hold on the proceedings which have been adjourned to June 30, when a determination is expected.

Yesterday, Attorney-at-law Vic Puran representing murder accused Ashton King, said that the recent revelations by Bacchus and the earlier delays caused by bomb threats are means to frustrate the Preliminary Inquiry.

“I have full confidence in the Chief Magistrate and once the evidence was led, she would have made a fair decision.” He added that it is because of this fact that there is outside interference in the matter, which in very unfortunate.

Puran called for an investigation into the revelations by Bacchus in an effort to ascertain whether what he has been saying is not calculated to obstruct the course of justice.

“While Bacchus seems to be changing his statements and talking more, the PI is suffering and my client is being further frustrated.”

The attorney said that Bacchus’s revelation should be investigated and the facts made public. “He has been hiding all along not coming to court and he is the only witness against my client. Interestingly enough, we have reached a point in the Preliminary Inquiry where all the other witnesses have been exhausted and it is time that Bacchus turns up.”

Puran said that if investigations prove otherwise than what Bacchus has been saying, then he, Bacchus, should be charged for creating public mischief.

He added that if Bacchus’s statements are true, then his client would have to face the heat.