500 armed robberies, 71 suicides, 29 drownings in five months
Kaieteur News
June 23, 2004

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MORE people killed themselves and died by drowning this year than for the corresponding period in 2003, but there has been a decline in murders and armed robberies.

Police statistics revealed that there were 71 recorded suicides between January and May.

In contrast, there were 54 recorded suicides for the same period last year countrywide.

Suicides continued to be high in Berbice, with 39 recorded deaths between January and the first two weeks of June, 2004.

There were 38 suicides in B Division (Abary to Orealla) between January and June 2003.

The statistics also stated that 29 people drowned during the past five months, while there were 20 similar deaths in 2003.

The good news for the police is that there has been a reduction in murders and armed robberies.

There were 60 recorded murders between January and May 2004, compared to 93 during the same period last year.

Police also investigated 500 armed robberies within the first five months of the year, compared to 600 armed robberies in 2003.

In addition, 37 unlicensed weapons were seized between this period in 2004. Thirty-six illegal firearms were seized during the same period last year.