George Bacchus’s nephew picked up, grilled by cops
Kaieteur News
June 22, 2004

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A nephew of self-confessed informant George Bacchus is alleging that he was picked up last night by a group of policemen in a pickup and questioned about his uncle.

He was reportedly released after about ten minutes.

Derek Prince said that he was sitting with about four youths outside the Princes Street home where his uncle lives when five ranks in a Pathfinder called out to him.

He said that when he went to the vehicle, the ranks frisked him and then ordered him to enter the vehicle.

According to Prince, the men drove a short distance west along Princes Street and then parked.

He claimed that the policemen then began to question him about his uncle, George Bacchus.

“They asked me if Bacchus is at home, where he sleeps and if the PNC has people watching him,” he said.

He said that the policemen eventually released him.

Prince claims that he recognised two of the ranks.

The man said that acting on the advice of an attorney he visited the East La Penitence Police Station to report the incident. However, Prince said that a rank there advised him to report the incident at the Brickdam Police Station.

Bacchus said that the same vehicle often drove through Princes Street, but that this was the first time the ranks had ever displayed any hostility.

Kaieteur News was unable to reach any police official for a comment.