Mental patient walks street naked after refused admittance to ward
…reporter manhandled by hospital guard, defends self
Kaieteur News
June 21, 2004

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GEORGETOWN- The sight of a stark naked 37-year-old woman was the scene in several streets of the capitol, yesterday, turning many heads and causing many vehicles to come to an immediate halt.

The naked Roxanne Jonas said that she shed her clothes after nurses at the Georgetown Hospital’s observation ward refused to admit her.

The member of the hospital’s Nerve Clinic for some 21 years said that she normally would be admitted from time to time but was most disturbed that this time she was denied entrance to the ward. “ I felt a bit like the sickness was coming on that causes me to take off my clothes so I decided to leave my two children with my sister and head to the hospital because when it gets more than me I can’t help but shed my clothes”, she reported. She further said that she then decided to take off her clothes and head to the president’s house in Forshaw Street, Queenstown where she laid on the grass for about two hours.

The well-spoken naked woman added that she consulted with a guard who told her that the president would not be at the house for the rest of the day.

She then decided to head back to the hospital to see if the nurses had a change of heart. This return saw her calmly and without shame walking through several streets of Queenstown. Along the route people including children stared in amazement and disbelief about what was unfolding in the streets.

Upon reaching the hospital, she made it clear that she had come with the media to gain entry to the ward and was allowed to pass with members of the media close behind.

All the way to the ward her name rang out from the hospital from all quarters. “Roxanne go put on your clothes, you embarrassing yourself and your family.” But assertively, she said that she would, if they would let her into the ward.

When she got to the ward, the door was closed with nurses peering through the window. She knows the procedure to be admitted they shouted as she complained to the media yet again.

Soon after, she was involved in a heated exchange of words with a nurse maid who vehemently pointed her hand in the woman’s face explaining how ashamed she was of her.

After about ten to fifteen minutes into the argument, a nurse told Kaieteur news that the only way that Roxanne could be admitted to the ward is if there is a court order or if she gets a paper from the mental clinic stating that she should be admitted.

Seconds later, Roxanne was down the stairs declaring that she is heading to State House, Main Street. All this time no internal security was around despite the fracas.

The woman headed in the direction of the gate. By then a nurse in the compound had alerted the media to the fact that she had destroyed a few of the windows and the media was headed in the direction of the windows to get a snap shot. Still there was no security official on hand. It was while a Kaieteur cameraman was taking a photo of the shattered windows, two men in shirt jacks approached in a most unbecoming manner. One, very boisterously declared, “y’all don’t know that y’all ain’t supposed to be in here.

To which the news cameraman replied in the negative and the man became more hysteric, grabbing the cameraman by the arm and pushing him.” To this attitude, reporter, Mondale Smith asserted that that is not how it should be done and was dressed down by the man. Soon after, an argument ensued and the man proceeded to grab Smith by the arm, angrily.

This caused Smith to respond stating that that is not how it should be done but the man insisted causing Smith to break free from the grasp.

No sooner had he done that the man turned on the cameraman for trying to take a photo of the happenings. The guard angrily declared that he would slap him to which Smith declared that if he slaps the cameraman he would have to slap him also.

As if waiting for the perfect opportunity, the other guard joined in declaring that if you knock he, I gon beat you up. Running in the direction of the cameraman, he lunged at him but Smith stepped in the way as a peacemaker and the man decided to turn on Smith hitting him.

Soon after a scuffle ensued and several internal security guards grabbed on to Smith while others grabbed the guard by his shirt.

But it seemed that the guards soon after took sides with their colleague allowing him to go free while they held on to Smith. In this process, the guard stomped Smith on the left leg.

In retaliation, Smith broke free one of his hands from the guard and slapped the attacking guard. In the process, Smith was scratched under the right eye and under his nose. At that time another on looker got involved and the guard received a sound trashing. The nose bled for a short while.

Based on the number of guards that were invisible before the incident, all the gates and posts for security were left abandoned.

Minutes later, as Smith was leaving the scene, the guard passed in a car declaring, “this ain’t done yet, you gon see what I gon do with you, you f***ing A**. Man don’t climb on me back.”