Bacchus vows to face Commission of Inquiry
- says the real facts will come out
Kaieteur News
June 16, 2004

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“Whatever I’ve been saying for the past five months is the truth and nobody must have doubts about my credibility. I got a lot to be uneasy about and any option to get me to safety I will take, especially with hit men on my back. What you expect me to do?”

These were the words of George Bacchus, yesterday. He said that when the Commission of Inquiry is ready, he will be there and all the facts will be heard since he has nothing to hide.

Bacchus said that if he was paid the $10 million promised to him for making a recording that sought to retract statements he made against the Home Affairs Minister he would have taken most of it to the US embassy and kept the rest to upkeep himself.

He said that he would have taken this decision since moving around the town is risky, with gunmen waiting to have his head.

Bacchus said that the recording was made at the home of PPP Member of Parliament Shirley Edwards, who in a statement said that at no time was a promise or bribe offered to Bacchus.

Ms. Edwards added that Bacchus approached her last month to retract the allegations against Minister Gajraj.

Bacchus said that after the recording of the tape clearing the Minister, he was given $100,000 dollars which he said that he threw back at the person. He said that he told the person, “Tell Gajraj I am not hungry.” Bacchus claimed that people are saying that because his brother was killed he implicated Minister Gajraj.

He re-emphasised that he was part of the killing squad supplying information to Minister Gajraj at his home in Lamaha Gardens.

Just recently he supplied a statement to PNC/R Leader Robert Corbin making all the claims which have since been publicised. He said that these claims are documented in a sworn affidavit.

He said that Corbin promised to have two mobile patrols in his street for his protection. “Who will I complain to? No one can offer me protection,” he added.

He said that day by day his fears grow with hit men out to kill him.