Saga of the Bagotstown nine-year olds
- Villagers outraged at ‘child molester’
Kaieteur News
June 16, 2004

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Residents of Bagotstown are shocked and angry over the allegation that a 48-year-old villager reportedly fondled two nine-year-old girls of the community.

Both incidents allegedly occurred on Monday afternoon at the man’s home.

Speaking with this newspaper, one of the girls’ mothers said that her daughter has been going to the lessons for less than two months.

“My daughter going to the lessons ’bout six to seven weeks now and I was shock when I hear what happen to my child. The man daughter is the one who does give the lesson. She only start giving the lesson ’bout a year now. I ain’t please about wha happen at all.

“People in the area seh that them ain’t gun send back they children at that lessons at all,” the mother stated.

She added, “I gun know how this affecting me child when I see she school test result. Right now she writing exams.”

The other child’s mother said, “My daughter who going to the lesson ’bout eights weeks now, come home and say she don’t want to go back to the lesson. So, I asked she fo give me a reason.

“Then she say ‘Mommy me belly hurting me’ so I tell she if she know that she want go to the toilet go early because we ain’t gat light. Then she say, ‘Mommy, Miss Father put he tongue in me mouth and put he finger in me vagina.’”

“Like I didn’t know how fo take it so we went to the Providence Police Station and report the matter,” the mother added.

It was after the child revealed the incident to her mother that news of the reported unpleasant incident began spreading in the village.

According to reports out of the village one of the girls alleged that she was passing the suspect’s house when he called her inside.

She claimed that the man took her into his kitchen where he kissed her and fondled with her.

The other girl, who is also nine, alleged that she went to the man’s house to pay her lessons fees when he pulled her into a garage. She also claimed that the man kissed her and fondled her private parts.

When Kaieteur News visited the village yesterday, several irritated residents said that they would not be sending their children to the lessons again.

“These children father and mother taking it easy. If was me daughter all hell woulda break loose in this village because I woulda castrate he,” one resident said.

Another irritated resident said, “Gone are the days when your children can go on the road and neighbours and even strangers does look fo them. I remember when I was small I used to see big men disciplining their neighbours’ children when they do something wrong behind they parents’ back. Instead, these days the big men preying on these children.”

Whilst the first girl and her parents were being questioned by the police following the allegation, the second child and her parents arrived to make a similar allegation against the same man.

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old man in the centre of the allegations was still in police custody up to late last evening.

Investigations are still continuing.