Reeaz Khan to file response to contempt charges
Kaieteur News

June 15, 2004

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Lawyers for city businessman, Reeaz Khan, were yesterday granted 14 days to file a response to the contempt motion filed against their client.

Attorney at law for Khan, Hukumchand, had petitioned trial judge B.S Roy.

The contempt motion was filed in the High Court last week by Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes on behalf of Bibi Shameeza Hamid, the mother of the 13-year-old embroiled in the controversial relationship with Khan.

The charges are based on the allegation that Khan acted in direct contravention of a court order issued on May 20 in the High Court.

That Order barred Khan from communicating with the girl.

According to the plaintiff, on the day after the Order was issued, Khan went to the home of the teen’s aunt, who was afforded joint custody of the girl, and took the child away without permission.

Hughes also claims that later that same day, Khan’s attorney, Vic Puran, told Hamid to pick up her daughter at the Prashad’s Hospital. He said that Khan did not turn up until 7:30 pm and then attempted to have the child admitted to a number of other private institutions. Hughes noted that several persons witnessed Khan that night in the company of the teen even though he had been ordered to stay away from her.

Hamid has since filed private abduction criminal charges against Khan, who pleaded not guilty to the offence and has since been placed on $100,000 bail.