11 youths break out from NOC
Kaieteur News

June 14, 2004

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A break out of eleven inmates of the New Opportunity Corps has forced the institution to implement stricter security measures to prevent a recurrence.

The youths, five girls and six boys broke out last Wednesday during a lapse in security. Eight of the inmates were recaptured hours after they escaped, while the other three returned the following midday. Those recaptured were found in an abandoned house on the Essequibo Coast.

A source at the NOC told Kaieteur News that the group was mostly pairs, who were involved in sexual relationships. Since the escape, officials have opted to put a permanent padlock on the main gate at the institution.The source said that escaping from the institution occurs almost every week.

According to the source, most of the women at the institution are lured by men from the community, some of whom, keep them at their homes.

Earlier this year a juvenile was shot during a robbery on Lombard Street after breaking out from the NOC.