Man, 42, marries 15 year old
- Mother claims she was tricked
Kaieteur News

June 14, 2004

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THE mother of a 15-year-old girl is wringing her hands in frustration over the relationship between her daughter and a 42-year-old man which she unwillingly agreed to in order to bring some respectability to the situation.

Bibi Farida Dos Santos told Kaieteur News yesterday that she was tricked into placing her daughter, who was fourteen years at the time, into the man’s care under the pretext that he was going to adopt her.

Contacted yesterday by this newspaper, the man, Omar Ally, stated that Dos Santos is bent on staining his character because he is no longer financially obligated to the family.

Ally, who remigrated from the US in February, claimed he is now married to the girl and the two of them are living happily. Dos Santos, who lives at La Belle Alliance Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast said during last year when her daughter was 14 years, Ally took her to Georgetown to look after the documentation for the adoption.

But they returned to Essequibo minus the papers.

Dos Santos said Ally told her he was unsuccessful in his bid to adopt the girl. Afterwards, Dos Santos said she agreed to a request by Ally to take the girl to Trinidad and Tobago so that an application for her entry into Canada could be processed. The two returned to Guyana after the application was turned down.

It was then Dos Santos learnt that Ally and her daughter were having a sexual relationship. Dos Santos said she stringently opposed the relationship and reported the matter to the police on the Essequibo Coast but no action was taken. The mother said because of the lack of assistance from the law, she was forced to abide by what was going on between her daughter and Ally. Ally took the teenager on subsequent trips to Suriname and Barbados, Dos Santos claimed.

She stated that she entered into an agreement with Ally for him to provide a house for her and the sum of $200,000. The house promised by Ally was one he had bought from Dos Santos’ stepmother at Richmond, also on the Essequibo Coast.

Dos Santos said Ally breached his promise and she was forced to “knock up some old boards” at a lot in La Belle Alliance housing scheme where she now resides. Kaieteur News has seen a document sworn before a Justice of Peace and signed by Ally which read: “I, Omar Ally of Lot 1 Richmond, Essequibo Coast, hereby agree to settle with my relative, a family dispute over a property located at Richmond on the Essequibo Coast. The said property was sold to me for $2 million.

Due to several accusations I have decided to return to Bibi Farida of Lot 1 Richmond one two-bedroom painted wooden structure and $200,000 to settle the matter once and for all. Both parties have agreed that no further accusations would be made or reports to the police and that the police would not be called into the matter in the future. Both parties have agreed by the signing of this agreement that the matter is now closed once and for all and the parties have so agreed in the presence of each other and subsidiary witnesses.” The document was dated February 29, 2004.

Ally told Kaieteur News that Dos Santos has linked up with his ex-wife, who lives in the US, to plot against him. He said he had initially given Dos Santos $200,000 but this was returned to the teenager when they got married.

The man said he did not bother to give Dos Santos the house after he got angry when she started with the accusations. He stated that it was because he had no need to give the family any money, as he used to when the girl lived with them, that the mother has embarked on her agenda.

More and more people are coming out with similar stories as Dos Santos’ in the wake of the current appeal from all sector of society to raise the age of consent from 13 years.