Businessman/teen saga
NOC initially refused to admit teen
Kaieteur News

June 14, 2004

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OFFICIALS at the New Opportunity Corps, Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast, on Friday evening reportedly refused to accept the 13-year-old girl, who is at the centre of the debatable relationship with city businessman, Reeaz Khan, because of the absence of her warrant.

The girl was forced to sleep in the staff quarters of the facility on her first night at the NOC. Justice R.B.S. Roy had ordered that the thirteen year old be sent to the institution for two weeks, on Friday, pending a report from stakeholders to determine the way forward for her.

According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, the girl could not have entered the compound since she did not have the required warrant with her. A source at the NOC told this newspaper that the child arrived there at around 16:00 hrs on Friday.

“She was escorted by four police vehicles filled with ranks including the Divisional Commander,” the source said. The source added that shortly after the teen was left at the institution, the staff was instructed not to accept her since she did not have a warrant. Speaking with this newspaper, a legal source said that NOC is only legally permitted to accept persons who are sentenced by way of a warrant.

The source added that the institution had a right to refuse admittance of the girl since she did not have the necessary documentation. Further, Justice Roy had made it clear that she was not a prisoner and should not be treated as such. The judge further explained that the decision to place the minor at the NOC was not as a penalty but was rather a temporary arrangement until further plans could be made.

The teen was subsequently taken back to the Suddie Police Station, but was forced to remain on the road, since the police had locked the gate to their compound. They reportedly claimed that they had no accommodation for the female teenager.

“Our driver who took her to the station, went away. On his way back, he saw the girl standing on the road outside the police station. He picked her up and brought her back to the NOC,” the source said.

This newspaper was reliably informed that the teen had in her possession $31,000. According to the source the girl has settled down nicely at the institution. “Our director of training at a meeting informed all the staff and other inmates that the child was a special case and should be treated as such. She has already had contact with some of the staff,” the source told this newspaper.

However, since her arrival at the NOC, staff members have reported seeing strange vehicles parked outside the compound. There are also reports that persons have been enquiring about the teenager who made the news during a shocking revelation that she was involved in a relationship with businessman, Reeaz Khan.

The judge has ordered Khan not to communicate or make contact with the teen during her stay at the institution. Justice Roy also ordered the teen not to communicate or contact Khan. The court aspect of the matter will resume on June 25.