Fuh get breakfast in bed, live in de kitchen Dem boys she
Kaieteur News

June 11, 2004

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De world unfair. Everything unfair. Dem boys seh that is why dem got so much suicide and murder and people and ainít getting wuk. Once you ainít wuk you canít eat.

De world so unfair that a man want to get married to a woman he love and dem ainít allowing he. Instead, dem finding excuse why he shouldnít marry.

Normally, people does sample de goods before dem marry. De problem does come when de girl young. But is not only Reeaz go after young girl but people seem to forget. Humphrey tek a 13-year-old and big she belly. Nobody ainít seh nutten and nobody ainít carry he to court. Dem try wid Sharma but he was found not guilty because dem didnít have proof that he trouble any 13-year-old. In truth, de girl was 12.

Reeaz get ketch and dem want kill he. But he in love and love is blind till you wake up or till you get sense. That is wha dem boys seh when dem realize that de manís love for a young girl land he in court. Now that de matter in court and de girl in trouble just like de man, it look like de love done.

But before de love done plans was in train fuh a big wedding. However, de girl mother, a lawyer and some other people mek Reeaz tek de wedding money and pay bail. De $100,000 was to buy four sheep and a cow. Now if he do get a chance fuh married de wedding ainít gun have no meat. But dem boys seh that when Reeaz meet de girl he tell she how he love plenty things. He seh how he love she and he love to get he breakfast in bed. Dem boys seh that de girl call a relative and tell dem de good news. De words hardly come out of she mouth when some relative tell she that fuh Reeaz get breakfast in bed he got to sleep in de kitchen.

Dem boys seh that one thing dem certain about is that he got to live in Guyana because de U.S. people decide that dem donít even want he visit de country. When de Waterfalls paper break de news that Reeaz visa get revoke, dem boys seh that immediately people seh how Reeaz moving in big circles because he in de same league as Mr. Gajraj and Mr.

Mc Donald.

But wha got people worried is that de U.S. sitting and looking at wha people do in Guyana and if de Government donít act then de U.S gun act. And when dem act people belly does tun up. It worse than if you get jail.

Now all dem people who use to do things and believe that nobody can touch dem suddenly hoping that dem fast mouth reporters donít hear nutten bout dem and write because when a reporter read or hear, he or she does write.

Dem boys seh that under normal conditions dem wouldnít worry too much about wha reporters write. But these days dem reporter does even write wha ainít happen. Dem point to Prime News and seh that de Prime News reporter been in de court like everybody else but end up wid a story that nobody else ainít got.

De magistrate fix bail at $100,000. De Prime News reporter announce big and bold pun TV that de bail was $400,000. Dem boys seh that dem wouldnít be surprise if de case dismiss and de reporter announce that Reeaz get jail.

Suh, dem who believe that dem got some scampishness in de corner getting worried. One of dem planning to host a big fete fuh all dem reporters suh that dem would only write good things about he. But you got dem who really frighten. All of a sudden plenty people dying. De first big one was President Ronald Reagan. People notice and holler how he was old. Then up comes Mama Fiffee from Buxton. Dem boys seh that just de other day she was 100 years old and dancing like if she was 50. De sun didnít even go down when dem hear Ray Charles dead. Like all of a sudden, Mr. Death come back from a holiday. And wid all dem bandits in Guyana you woulda believe that some one of dem woulda ketch up with Mr. Death by now, instead of mekking Mr. Death ketch up wid dem. And Mr Death ketch up wid quite a few.

Anyhow, dem boys seh that it look like heaven short of couple professional people. Reagan was an actor so it mean that de Man above mekking a movie and de movie got singing suh de man above decide that he gun tek Ray Charles.

When dem boys ask wha role Mama Fiffee got to play, dem hear how de man above want somebody fuh prepare bush medicine to noint Reagan and Charles when dem shoot de movie.

Talk half. Lef half.