Reeaz Khan’s U.S. visa revoked

Kaieteur News

June 10, 2004

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Kaieteur News has been reliably informed that businessman, Reeaz Khan’s United States visa has been revoked

A source said Khan received a letter from the US Embassy, yesterday morning, informing him of the revocation.

Political and Public Affairs Assistant at the US Embassy, Wycliffe McAllister, however said, the Embassy does not divulge information with regards to individual visa holders as such persons are protected by the Privacy Act.

Khan has been embroiled in controversy as a result of his involvement with a 13-year-old girl. This week, Attorney-at-Law, Nigel Hughes filed private criminal abduction and contempt proceedings against the businessman on behalf of the teen’s mother.

Within the past six months, the United States has revoked the visas of several controversial figures, including those of Home Affairs Minister, Ronald Gajraj and his wife.

The US Embassy in Guyana gave no reasons for those revocations. However, they occurred shortly after Gajraj was fingered in the operations of an alleged death squad.