CNS 6 observes 12th anniversary

Kaieteur News

June 8, 2004

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CHANDRA Narine Sharma’s CNS Channel Six celebrated its 12th anniversary in existence with the launching of its new operations house - “New CNS Channel Six”, yesterday.

As part of the celebration, media operatives and several public supporters were treated to a tour of the new $150M facility that sports 75 percent state-of-the-art digital equipment, two major studios, a video library and several other offices including a roof garden.

The day’s events included a pictorial exhibition in various sections of the three-flat building.

Sharma, 55, said in 1992 he launched the television station to create an avenue for the less fortunate. Since he could not find any television station willing to televise Indian programmes, Sharma built a transmitter and began airing 75 percent local programmes.

His operation was accommodated in his house and his tables were Banks DIH drink boxes.

“I was the first person to host a real live call-in television programme; I was the first person to do death announcements and birthday greetings and now everybody doing it,” he said.

Sharma added that he had to overcome many obstacles, threats and lawsuits to survive.

He said CNS is here to stay and the “new building is to make preparations for expansion and improved service as soon as the Prime Minister gives me the go ahead.

I want to increase my signal to reach all the corners of Guyana and be the voice of the people. I also want to be able to open a radio station if the authorities would let me.”

According to Sharma, the business started with six persons in its employ but has now expanded to include more than 30 others.

“Since I start I have and continue to offer free airtime to all political parties, religious organisations, ministers and the police and the same stands today.”

Holding a motor mechanic’s doctorate from the University of Ohio and as a practicing Refrigerator Technician, Sharma said that he wants the people to be informed and will do all in his power to ensure that this is done “as raw as it is happening”.