Hit men still walking the streets
- ‘Killing squad’ informant tells Corbin
Kaieteur News

June 7, 2004

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SELF-confessed ‘killing squad’ informant, George Bacchus, has met with PNC/R leader Robert Corbin in an effort to force the Guyana Police Force to take action against some key hit men whom he has fingered in at least one execution.

Bacchus told Kaieteur News that he met with Corbin and eight other people on Friday, to discuss matters related to the squad. However, Mr. Corbin would only say “no comment”, when this newspaper contacted him by telephone on Saturday.

Bacchus came out of seclusion a few weeks ago to allege that he had seen when wanted man Sheldon Bacchus was gunned down by four members of the squad that he was once part of.

He claimed that he witnessed the execution while tending cattle in the area. Sheldon Bacchus’s bullet-riddled body was found in a secluded section of the Botanical Gardens last year.

But the former informant says he is upset that no police official has attempted to interview him on the execution. “I am available. The police know where I am. They can come and interview me anytime,” he said last night.

“They have been saying that this murder is unsolved, but now we want the public to know who really did these killings.”

And he said that while the executions have lessened, some of the hit men, including three of the men he identified as killing Sheldon Bacchus, were still walking the streets. According to Bacchus, the apparent reluctance of police to pull in the suspects is preventing potential eyewitnesses to other executions from giving statements to the police.

Late last month, Colville Kellman, a brother of missing Comfort Zone taxi driver Kwesi Baker, alleged that now-dead hit man Axel Williams and two other men abducted him and his brother.

The abduction reportedly occurred on December 4, 2003. Kellman said that the men accused the brothers of providing transportation for some of the wanted men who were said to be key players in the crime wave. Kellman reportedly escaped when they were attempting to take him and his brother into D’urban Backlands. However, his brother has not been seen since. The taxi driver has said that he is willing to give a statement, but only to Police Commissioner Winston Felix. Police officials also said that they are anxious to get a statement from Kellman.