Jagdeo raising age of consent to 30 years De People Talking
Kaieteur News

June 7, 2004

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REEAZ Khan cause a lot of trouble for everybody. Fuh years dem big men was doing dem thing quiet. Even before that, big man use to marry dem lil gyal, especially when dem same big man mother use to walk and look fuh gyal fuh dem son.

But Reeaz had to do he thing in public and cause all kind of confusion. De matter reach Trinidad and dem reporter decide to ask Bharrat bout de thing. Bharrat shame.

He get paint in a corner and right away he decide that he got to raise de age. When de reporter ask he how high he raising de age, he seh 30.

A girl wukking at de Waterfalls paper start fuh cry when she hear that news. She deh in 21. She claim how she still got to stop and all because of Reeaz. She seh that she start when she was 13 and was no problem because she get to like de thing.

When dem group hear de news dem get happy. Right away dem seh that Reeaz should get a national award. He actually do something good. Dem had a big debate over de award and one man seh that Reeaz got to get de same award wha Sharma getCCH and not de Caciques Crown of Honour. De H stand fuh hole. Figure out wha de C C stand fuh.

De people talking pun de road that nuff big one just like Reeaz. Some of dem in dem 50s and dem got 20-year-old gyal. That mean when dem was 37, same age as Reeaz, dem gyal was baby.

For example, if one of dem was 55 and de gyal is 22, when dem was 44 de gyal was only 11. Is nah jail dem got fuh get too? But nobody aint protesting or looking at de thing dis way.

All in all you got some big ones who dont care bout de age. Dem seh that de criterion should be de weight. Once a lil gyal weigh 90 pounds and over dem dont give a damn about de age. Dem she, she heavy enough.

De people even seh, if you RED, yuh DEAD. If you RED and THICK you gun get knock down QUICK. If you BROWN, stick AROUND. If you WHITE, get out, You BLIGHT. If you BLACK, you got to come BACK.

But while Reeaz do some good, he also got problem. He want staff in he store. From de time de story break, all he staff run way. He now advertising fuh accounts clerk, cashiers and salesgirls, and all must be 13.

Couple antiman tun up fuh de wuk. One name Walker. De other name Persaud and is not none of dem Persaud that beat Sharma. Reeaz tell dem that dem too old and ugly.

Another businessman got to advertise fuh a lawyer. De police talk to he bout de loud music he always playing. De neighbours complain and de police always checking. He get fed up and approach de Commander. During de conversation he offer de Commander $10,000.

People want to know if he think everybody cheap. He coulda offer de Commander a million and nobody woulda know. But $10,000? He get charge. When he appear in court he had de nerve to plead not guilty. That mean that de Commander lying pun he. De magistrate watch he full in he face and tell he fuh tek de same $10,000 and post he bail. He now worrying wha gun happen.

But while de commander got pride you got a prison officer who tekking it whenever she could. She inside de jail wid a whole set of people walking around and she decide that she gun mek love wid a prisoner.

De law aint pass yet that allowing prisoners to have sex inside de prisons although you got de set who does tek man and mek he woman.

This female prison officer decide that she got to stay ahead of de competition but fuh a fee. When she get ketch she stop going to wuk. Now de prisoner vex because he service cut short.

People want to know wha she gun tell she fellow when he ask she why she lef de wuk. And imagine just de other day de Director of Prisons talk to he staff about high moral standards. This woman probably interpret that to mean having sex in de toilet wid a prisoner.