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June 5, 2004

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From her very first interview with Stabroek News some two weeks ago, Bibi Hamid’s version of the events that transpired with her 13-year-old daughter has been riddled with inaccuracies that has left the public confused.

Stabroek News had initially reported that Hamid said she had never slept at Khan’s house. “They are all lies!” She told Stabroek news.

In a subsequent interview with a Kaieteur News reporter, she admitted to sleeping over at Khan’s house twice, once on the night of the first day she met Khan and then when she went to collect her child from Khan’s home. The girl had failed to come home on that occasion.

During an interview with Kaieteur News and Prime News, when asked about the license number of the vehicle that allegedly whisked away her daughter on Saturday night, the woman said it was PEE 9269.

This number was different from the one given to Stabroek News –PCC 3725 - the day before.

When confronted with this, Hamid said she had many numbers written down on a piece of paper and that she gave Stabroek News the wrong number.

During the interview with Stabroek News, Hamid also vehemently denied ever dining with Khan. However, this newspaper published photographs of the woman and her daughter dining with Khan. In that same photograph, Khan is seen spoon-feeding the girl in the presence of a smiling Hamid.

When confronted with this, she said that photograph must have been taken without her knowledge. However, she suddenly remembered that a man had snapped a photo while she was at dinner with the businessman one night.

Many people outside the court openly wondered whether Hamid is just dishonest or whether she has something to hide.

Yesterday, Stabroek News quoted Hamid as denying that she consented to her daughter making a trip to Barbados with Khan stating that she was hospitalised at the time for ingesting a poisonous substance.

The businessman and the teen embarked on the Barbados trip from May 10-12. Kaieteur News has been privy to records that indicate that the woman was admitted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital on May 19 for ingesting a poisonous substance.

She also reportedly selected her daughter’s clothing to take the trip and accompanied her to the airport.

Hamid told this newspaper during an interview at her home that for an entire week after her daughter was allegedly abducted from the Mahaica Children’s Home by Khan, she made absolutely no attempt to do anything to retrieve her.

When confronted with the fact that this behavior is not in keeping with that of a desperate mother, Hamid said this was because she is uneducated. Hamid was also at a loss to explain why, when her daughter did not come home from her work study attachment at Khan’s business establishment on the first day, she waited until the next afternoon to visit the businessman’s home. The woman had said that she ended up sleeping over instead of taking her daughter home.

She also admitted to taking $20, 000 from Khan on the second morning after she slept at his home, a fact that she had previously denied.

Yesterday, Khan stressed that he is not aware of the whereabouts of the child nor has he been in contact with the young woman since the court order. Almost everyone around the court expressed open sympathy for the 13-year-old, describing her as the obvious victim in the entire saga.

The inconsistencies in Hamid’s story raised doubts in the minds of many around the court as they wondered whether the girl is a victim of a scheme between Khan and Hamid.