Reeaz Khan fever spreading far and wide Dem boys seh
Kaieteur News

June 4, 2004

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Liíl children bicycle nah gat brakes. Dem boys know this a long time now, since dem bin small. Old people always use to holler bout that. And dem boys believe that Reeaz use to hear de same thing. But when he get big he had to forget because he end up wid de same liíl children.

But is how he get de child? Dem boys seh that de girl mother was de one who provide de child. She see car, she see fancy house, she see big store and she see money. She didnít believe that de big man would jump fuh ride.

She wheel get flat and according to dem boys she did want a pumping up. Reeaz fuhget that older de violin, sweeter de tune. And now Reeaz in pickle and is only June.

De mother is another one. Dem boys seh that she stay like de dog and de bone. She was getting a small piece. Now she got nutten and she lef pun she own. She was getting a $20,000 day after day. But she wanted free place to stay and half de asset right away.

Now de bicycle tearing down de hill and it canít stop. Reeaz still riding. People now hollering fuh save de child. But was de mother dressing she up in de latest style.

Nobody ainít calling fuh save Reeaz. Red Thread, GHRA, some strange women and de whole of de Big Market paper decide fuh run behind de bicycle. Dem ainít want to stop it. Dem boys seh that dem only want to see how long Reeaz gun continue riding it.

When de riding done, de paper done. Is like de PNC and Gajraj. Dem and all deh pun liíl children bicycle but some time it gun surely stop. Then dem got to look fuh another bicycle.

But back to Reeaz. He ainít go in he shop since de story buss out . He get confuse. He now want fuh marry. He file paper because he get ketch. But he got it wrang. Is de gyal who suppose to file. Cause dem boys seh that Reeaz pregnant fuh she. You mean that Reeaz ainít sorry fuh he self?

But de story get more dangerous. Big men now looking at liíl girls and decide that dem gun do like Reeaz. One man chase he wife. He seh she too old. He does wuk right at de court and he seh how he know de law. But when de law ready fuh dem is only then dem gun learn. Dem gun have to tun dem eye from liíl children.

De mother is another one. She got women asking which proper big woman gun carry she liíl daughter to a big man? She claim how she only meet Reeaz fuh a couple hours wid she 13-year-old and she decide fuh sleep. Next morning she lef de child wid Reeaz. Was like leffing cat fuh watch milk.

Dem boys seh that by morning de milk gone and de mother gone too. Now she crying. She carry de milk and if she expect that it woulda stay forever she lie.

Now it look like she and Reeaz gun end up in de same cell once anybody got to get jail. All in all, both of dem should go to prison and both of dem gun get milking there.

De Human Rights people follow de Big market paper. Dem ainít know de story but de human rights man open he mouth. When people report wha dem seh, dem holler how dem ainít seh suh.

De womenís group open up to. Wha dem open dem boys canít seh. It wasnít a can of worms.

Like de Reeaz fever spreading. Another big man, like Reeaz, got an 11-year-old in hospital. According to dem boys she gun deliver any time now. This big man was riding she bicycle since she was nine or ten.

Dem boys seh that dem waiting to see what de same women group, McCormack and de Big Market paper gun seh bout de same 11-year-old.

Dem calling fuh de age of consent raise to 16. Well dem boys seh that a 16-year-old in de lock ups. She drive way wid she taxi man yesterday. Somebody got to talk bout that.

De PNC and de PPP get in Reeaz story. Dem coulda mek law all de time fuh done this stupidness. Dem ainít do nutten. Now de two of dem calling pun Jagdeo to set up a Presidential Commission to investigate de Reeaz Khan saga.

Anand and Walker done get identify as two of de commissioners. You got to be biased to serve pun de commission. But de PNC done object and dem going to Reeaz fuh support.

But dem boys want to know what ever happen to Anand and Walker when dem was 13.

Talk half. Lef half.