11-year-old in Maternity Ward
Kaieteur News

June 4, 2004

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DOCTORS at the Maternity Ward of the Georgetown Hospital are preparing to deliver a baby from an 11-year-old girl.

The child, who hails from Nappie in the Northwest District, was admitted to the institution in an advanced stage of pregnancy.

The expectant father of the child is said to be another Northwest resident.

Both expectant parents are attending school in the Northwest district.

Nurses at the maternity ward declined to provide this newspaper with any information about the child, only to say that she was healthy.

She was seen resting comfortably and appeared to be in no discomfort.

The girl was referred to the Georgetown Hospital since medical personnel in her district were apprehensive about complications that could arise during the delivery and the inadequate facilities in the Northwest District.

However, a medical source told this newspaper that complications could develop when the child is about to give birth which is expected to be sometime next week.

The source said that because of her age, the child’s pelvis would not have fully developed.

“Most likely they will have to perform a C-section,” the source said.

There were other cases of minors giving birth to full term babies.

One source said that in 1998, an 11-year old Wauna, Northwest District girl gave birth while last year, a 14-year old delivered her second child at the Georgetown Hospital.