Twelve Guyanese murdered every month
Kaieteur News
June 3, 2004

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Approximately 12 Guyanese were murdered every month between January and May, 2004.

According to police statistics, 60 people have been murdered so far for the year.

Two of the victims were babies who were battered to death by their parents.

At least six of the victims were women, most of whom were slain by their spouses or lovers. Three policemen were also slain. The statistics indicate that the number of murders has risen dramatically since 2002, when the crime wave began.

Police statistics show that ninety-three people were murdered between January and May, 2003.

Statistics compiled by Kaieteur News revealed that, between January and April, 2003, sixty-two people were murdered.

In 2002, one hundred and forty two Guyanese, including thirteen lawmen, were murdered during the entire year.

In comparison, there were seventy-nine recorded murders for the entire year.