Is wha wrang wid some people?
Reeaz playing dolly house
Kaieteur News
June 2, 2004

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NOBODY like to pick a fruit about when it green or force ripe. In de first place it donít taste good and in de second place, it does represent a waste. But you got men who does pick pun force-ripe girl.

Now you got to ask is wha wrang wid dem? Reeaz got a 13. De girl barely begin fuh smell she sweat and he decide that she big enough to do big people thing. It had to be that when she go to Reeaz she decide that she want to play dolly house. Right away Reeaz holler how she gun be de mommy and he gun be de daddy.

He carry he play liíl far and plenty people vex.

At 13 a girl barely learn fuh cook. She can hardly bathe properly and she at de stage wheh she does cry at de slightest thing. She does also giggle plenty. Who in dem right mind want something like that fuh a girlfriend? Is wha wrang wid dem?

Then you got de mother. She see Reeaz and she eye light up. She see de store and since she ainít got a fella she decide that Reeaz gun foot de bill. Nutten wrang wid that. When fisherman want to ketch fish he does use bait. De woman use she daughter as bait. De fish tek de bait and get away.

Next thing you know is everybody talking. Dem who ainít know de story start to talk like if dem been deh from de start. Even de Big Market paper talk. In fact, is dem who first talk. Was a juicy story and dem mek hay till dem see photograph.

Now any good paper would check and double check. Every paper know that a story got three sides, he side, she side and de truth.

De Big Market paper only go wid she side because dem know that Reeaz got a close link wid some people who own de Waterfalls paper. Dem didnít even try to get he side.

After two weeks when de story tun then dem decide to hear he side. Is wha wrang wid dem?

But back to Reeaz. When a big man lie down near to a 13-year-old is like when you lie down near to a baby. Is only fuh talk stupidness. But it look like these days men decide that you really got to bend a tree when it young. And is not only tree dem bending. Dem bending de shoot and all.

Now dis other man find heself in de clutches of de same police. He and all see a liíl girl and he decide that too gun play dolly house. De only thing is that de girl didnít want to play wid he.

He insist and now is a big rape charge he deh pun. People saying how is he own daughter. She ainít good no more? Is wha wrang wid he? Now he lost both mother and daughter.

People know that in this world big men wid all kind of sickness does believe that if dem go wid a liíl girl dem gun get cure. Dem had a man who try that and he infect de liíl girl. She head wasnít too good suh as far as she concern de infection didnít bother she.

Out of de blues a man come up and decide to rape de same infected girl. Imagine how he feeling today. When people mek it dem duty to tell he bout de girl and wha she got, he coulda dead.

That is one man who now regret that he ever rape. But you think that gun stop others? Something got to be wrang wid dem.

This sex thing driving people to do crazy things. Long ago men use to tek demself in hand and women use to handle things differently. Everything was private. Now is no longer every man fuh himself and every woman to she own order.

Is every man hustling to get a woman whether she willing or not. And since big women always putting up a big fight when it suit dem, de men going fuh de liíl ones who canít fight too much.

If de whole story come out you might find that de big women suddenly finding demself all alone while de liíl girls getting single out.

Plenty people want to see de age of consent move from 13 to 16. In de States even if de girl is 16 is trouble. It donít matter if she is 16 and she boyfriend is 15. He going to jail. People would say that it ainít fair. Imagine what would happen to Reeaz if he was in de States. He woulda been peeping through jail bars till he eye drop out or till he dead.

Why else you think Peeping Tom still deh in Guyana. But that is another story.