‘Killing squad’ probe

Police seek statement from brother of missing taxi driver
Kaieteur News
June 2, 2004

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TOP police officials have indicated that they are seeking an interview with Colville Kellman, the brother of missing Comfort Zone Taxi Service driver, Kwesi Baker, who was allegedly abducted by members of the ‘killing squad’, last December.

A senior police official, yesterday, told Kaieteur News that police were anxious to contact Kellman for a statement on the alleged abduction of his brother.

In an interview on Sunday, Kellman, who is also a taxi driver, said that three men, whom he identified, abducted himself and his brother on December 4, 2003.

According to Kellman, the men, who were in a gold-coloured AT 192, first abducted his brother. Kellman alleged that the men then snatched him while he was standing on Sheriff Street.

Kellman identified one of the men as the late Axel Williams, and the other two men as persons who have been repeatedly linked to the squad.

He said that he saw a handgun and a baseball bat in the back seat.

The men reportedly accused the brothers of transporting wanted men, Troy Dick and ‘Fine Man’, a claim that Kellman denied.

According to Kellman, the men were about to dispose of himself and brother in the remote D’urban Backlands area, when he escaped.

However, his brother has not been seen since.

Kellman said that he went into hiding and never informed the police about his brother’s abduction.

However, he said that after hearing revelations by informant, George Bacchus, about the execution of a wanted man, he is now willing to speak with the police.

Last week, George Bacchus alleged that he witnessed some of the same ‘killing squad’ members execute wanted man, Sheldon Bacchus, called ‘Wuck Up’, in the same D’urban Backlands area where Kellman claimed he was taken, when he escaped.

Sheldon Bacchus’ bullet-riddled body was found there in early April, 2003.

Police had described the suspect as a serial rapist, who targeted couples who ventured on the seawalls at night.