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June 23, 2004

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Occupational Therapy (O.T.) is a form of treatment to help people with physical, mental and social problems. The aim of this therapy is to enable those who are permanently or temporarily disabled to be as independent as possible in their everyday lives while recovering from illness or adopting to disability.

Tip of the Day: Let's Strive Together for Independence.

The following are examples of Occupational Therapy intervention:

* Re-learning to perform everyday tasks following stroke - washing, dress, etc using only one arm.

* Learning to walk with crutches or a frame following amputation of leg, later with the recovery patients are taught how to manage an artificial limb.

* Working with parents of disabled children to maximise the child's independence at home and school. The work in this area should start as soon as possible- no baby is too young for therapy.

* Working with victims of accidents to readapt to life at home and work using special equipment to make things easier if necessary.

* Helping someone to recover from a nervous illness to regain their place in society

The list of examples could be much longer but examples quoted give an idea of the varied workload of the O.T.

Occupational therapy services are available in Georgetown G.P.H.C. for in-patients and the Palms for out-patients.

Children and babies with special needs are treated at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre in Carmichael Street.

O.T. services are also available at the following centres outside of Georgetown:

* Best Hospital - W. Demerara

* Linden

* Bartica

* New Amsterdam

Prepared By: Judith Dutton (Registerred Occupational Therapist)