PPP condemns PNCR actions against MP
Guyana Chronicle
June 22, 2004

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THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned attempts by the main Opposition People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) to “intimidate and harass” Ms. Shirley Edwards, a PPP Member of Parliament (MP) and Central Committee member.

The PPP in a statement yesterday alleged that “known PNC leaders” were seen early in the morning of June 18 in front of Ms. Edwards’ home in Georgetown, hurling expletives at her and her family. There were even threats to set her home on fire, the party said.

The showing on Channel 9 television of Mr. George Bacchus being interviewed by PNCR Leader, Mr. Robert Corbin can only been seen as conspiratorial and indicative of the depth to which the PNCR has sunk in its frantic effort to link the PPP in the George Bacchus affair, it contended.

The PPP also stated that at no time was it involved in any attempt to influence the investigation process into allegations of wrongdoings on the part of Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Ronald Gajraj. Bacchus has been a central figure in the allegations that the minister was involved in a death squad that targeted criminals in extra-judicial killings.

The PNC/R, having indicated its refusal to cooperate with the work of the impending Commission of Inquiry is now staging its own ‘trial’ in the media, it argued.

The PPP said that this recent action on the part of the PNCR speaks to a level of degeneration that is most troubling to all decent Guyanese.

“Out of desperation, the PNCR is now, as it were, clutching at straws in the face of a demonstrable lack of support by the public on the issue (and) its participation in, and incessant calls for public support in the so-called Rule of Law march has failed to generate the expected response,” the party asserted.

The PPP further called on the PNCR to “listen to the voice of the Guyanese people” and “desist from its current stance of adversarial politics and embrace a more enlightened approach in the treatment of national issues”.

In this regard, it called on the PNCR to “end forthwith its harassment of Ms. Edwards on the spurious grounds that she attempted to influence Bacchus to change statements regarding Minister Gajraj’s alleged links to a death squad.”

“Ms. Edwards had since debunked the allegations made in a statement issued by her in the media. Yet, the PNC activists persisted in harassing Ms. Edwards by hurling expletives in front of her home and using menacing language including threats to set her house on fire,” the PPP stated.

The party noted that the Minister of Home Affairs also had to endure such disruptive and despicable behaviour outside his private residence.

“This lawlessness must stop!” the party stated.

“It is clear that the PNCR is stepping up its hostility campaign against the PPP/Civic administration having withdrawn from the dialogue process and from Parliament,” the PPP posited.

The party also warned that such actions on the part of the PNCR are not only injurious to the national interest but could have far reaching consequences for which the PNCR will be held fully responsible.

The main Opposition party was also urged “to allow good sense to prevail” and to “adopt a more responsible approach in the way it treats with the Guyanese society”.